5 Easy Steps to Improving Your Digestive Health

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We all know how important it is to eat well – after all the saying goes ‘you are what you eat’.  And although there are probably some days where if that’s true, you actually are a giant chocolate bar, if you eat well 80% of the time, you are doing pretty well and your digestive […]

Hayfever – Stop It Before It Gets Started!

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When we’ve had a very long Winter (and as I type this I’m keeping everything crossed that we’ve finally seen the back of the cold weather until Autumn!), we look forward to Spring.  The days are getting longer, the flowers and trees start blossoming and we are busy anticipating the early summer days and the […]

Vitamin D

The Power Of Vitamin D

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  Daylight and sunshine are vital to maintaining our health and wellbeing, as well as making us feel good, it’s also the best way of ensuring that we are getting enough vitamin D. Why is Vitamin D so important? Vitamin D is an essential vitamin which the body needs to help calcium absorption, bone development […]

A New You

Kinesiology – The Path to Wellbeing

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Kinesiology… or should we say Kinesy-what? Being a kinesiologist is one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet, however despite my enthusiasm and often rather joyful announcement of my profession, it is usually followed by a fairly blank expression and a “kinesy-what sorry??!”. Now Kinesiology, just like it’s name, can be a little difficult […]

Nutritional therapy – helping with prediabetes

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Nutritional therapy isn’t always about weight loss, it’s all about making dietary changes to help a huge array of health issues. Prediabetes is just one of them. “Prediabetes means that your blood sugar is higher than normal but not yet high enough to be classified as type 2 diabetes.  Without intervention, prediabetes is likely to […]