Although we pride ourselves on our reflexology treatments, we also offer a range of other wellbeing therapies

If you are looking for effective help for phobias and anxieties, digestive issues, weight issues, hormonal imbalances or fatigue among many others, we are here to help.  All of our treatments can be tailored to your individual needs – there really is something for whatever you need to make sure you feel your best you …

Please note that not all therapies are available while Covid19 restrictions remain in place. Please contact me to discuss your needs – I’m always happy to advise and recommend appropriate and helpful treatment. 

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This gentle aromatherapy massage focuses on improving lymphatic flow and encouraging your body to eliminate toxins.  If your lymphatic system becomes sluggish or blocked, the lymph fluid can build up and start to stagnate. This makes us feel sluggish, more susceptible to viruses and generally a bit below par.

Lymphatic drainage massage will be especially helpful if you need help with mild fluid retention and cellulite, colds and sinus problems, poor skin conditions and recovery from illness and surgery.

A course of treatments over a few weeks or months can be beneficial for more chronic, long-term problems or as part of a detox programme, while as little as one treatment may help more mild concerns, such as fluid retention due to long periods of standing.

Clinical Aromatherapy

The ultimate relaxing and restorative treatment, this intuitive therapy harnesses the natural, medicinal and healing powers of plants to alleviate various health concerns, induce deep relaxation and increase wellbeing.  Clinical aromatherapy is especially effective for stress and anxiety, hormonal imbalances, insomnia, muscular aches and pains, digestive issues, boosting immunity, creating a sense of wellbeing and promoting positive health.

Stressbuster Treatment

Unique to the Camomile Rooms, our Stressbuster treatment uses a range of exclusive treatments, chosen specifically for you. It is never just a standard, much repeated formula but is bespoke to your needs on the day of your treatment.  As such, many of the therapies used within our Stressbuster are only available as part of this treatment as we truly work with you to ensure that your relaxing and restorative experience is as unique as you are.  We may decide on anything from a combination of treatments, including hot stone back massage to ease muscular tension, facial reflexology to calm a busy mind, foot reflexology to rebalance you, a clinical aromatherapy blend to help promote restful sleep, some gentle lymphatic drainage or a scalp massage to ease headaches.

Your Stressbuster, your experience; our help, advice and support.


A powerful therapy that creates a state of deep relaxation, allowing your subconscious mind to overcome negative patterns, thoughts and behaviours and works to initialise positive changes within your life.  Hypnotherapy can help with a variety of issues including anxiety, exam nerves, motivation, fears and phobias, weight loss, pain control, insomnia, addictions, relationship issues and self-confidence.

Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT)

BWRT is an advanced model of psychology and psychotherapy which embraces the latest thinking on neuroscience and psychological health.  It is not hypnosis nor does it use any concepts that might be considered mythical or unscientific.  BWRT is solution-focused and can help provide a speedy solution for many mind-related difficulties, however stubborn or deep-rooted they may be.  Often a single session is sufficient to resolve your problems.

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy involves looking at all areas of your life including the food you eat, what you drink, your exercise levels, sleep quality, how you spend your time, how you relax and your emotional health.  All of this takes places in a non-judgmental and relaxed environment.  Nutritional therapy can help with many areas including energy levels, stress levels, weight loss, diabetes management, digestive issues, depression and anxiety.

Next Steps

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