Hello!  For those of you who haven’t met me before, let me introduce myself ….

I’m Nicky Read and I’ve been a complementary therapist since 2003. I am the founder of The Camomile Rooms and its’ sister company Nurture 4 Life.

I love working with people at all stages of life and all levels of health and wellbeing, from stress and anxiety relief to easing physical discomfort and everything in-between!

Why I do what I do …

I know what it’s like to not feel well and to realise you need to focus on your health and wellbeing to achieve what you want to.  This is where my personal interest in complementary therapies began all those years ago – I’ve benefited from many different treatments and continue to benefit from them today.

I know the importance of positive health – both gaining and maintaining it – and love being able to help others maintain their own wellbeing through the use of complementary treatments.   I don’t just “talk the talk”, I also “walk the walk” and live by my own advice too!

And I really like working with you – exploring different avenues that could help you, either through the treatments I provide or with my trusted and experienced colleagues.

The old saying is true: “love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.”!  This is very much a vocation for me and never just a job.

My background …

My training and experience are in a wide range of complementary therapies which I use to promote and maintain positive health and wellbeing and I specialise in reflexology, also offering specific fertility, pregnancy and menopause support.   I’ve been trained by world-renowned and award-winning experts in the field of reflexology and  I am also an experienced clinical aromatherapist and massage therapist. My knowledge and experience means I often combine elements of different treatments to create the best treatment for you.

I spent many years working in hospice and palliative care and am a huge advocate of the use of complementary therapies for those living with cancer.  My 8 years as a volunteer therapist at the wonderful Sue Ryder hospice in Cheltenham was a very special experience and one that has certainly shaped me in the most positive of ways as a practitioner.

My approach is friendly, supportive, non-judgmental and completely focused on helping you to achieve what you wish from your treatments.  I strongly believe in being able to offer all of you a bespoke treatment based on your specific needs on that day, so I have a ‘tool box’ of techniques and knowledge available with which to offer this.

My advanced training and experience also enable me to work safely and effectively with clients of all ages – from 0-99 and also palliative care.

A proven track record …

The specialist therapies and support available within The Camomile Rooms are born out of years of professional experience, bringing understanding, empathy and compassion as I work alongside you to help you achieve your goals.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Personally, I am extremely proud of having been personally awarded Best Holistic Practitioner 2017 alongside The Camomile Rooms’ award for Gloucestershire’s Best Complementary Therapy Centre.

This is in addition to being a finalist in both the Cheltenham Maman Awards 2017 and the Cheltenham Awards 2018.  I am honoured that my therapy work has received recognition from industry professionals for my dedication to learning and passion for treating my clients, who are always at the centre of everything I do.   ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

What this means for you …

I’m not somebody who did my initial training and thought that was enough to make me the best therapist I could be.  The world of reflexology in particular is constantly progressing and I love being able to explore new techniques and ways of thinking to apply to your treatments.  I continually update my knowledge and training to give you the best treatment based on your needs.

What you won’t get at The Camomile Rooms is just a foot massage that will make you fall asleep.  However, it may well induce a state of deep relaxation and allow you to drift off to a wonderfully relaxed place!

I never offer a one size fits all approach to the treatments I offer.  Everybody is different and that’s what I love and why your treatment is always all about what is best for you.

What you will get is a treatment that is based on your individual needs, with the most appropriate techniques suited to how you are currently feeling and would like to feel.  It’s not about offering the usual ‘aches and pains’ treatments – needs can sometimes be more complex.  Ongoing email and telephone support are always available as I work with my clients at pivotal times of their lives.

It is all about you at all times, the best way of helping you and walking alongside you on your journey – from conception to the end of life.

How to find out more …

If you would like to find out more about how I could help you then please call me on 01242 227752. This call is completely free of charge and without any obligation whatsoever.

During our chat I will learn more about your personal situation and you will learn more about the different ways in which I can help.  By the end of the call you will have had all of your questions answered and you will feel more in control of your situation and more confident in the different options available to you.  Alternatively you can drop me an email.

I look forward to walking alongside you on your journey to better health, less stress and greater enjoyment of life.