What Our Clients Say

Such Special People

“Anyone can claim to do the treatments that the Camomile Rooms offer but rarely do you find practitioners who can actually use treatments to heal and help heal and conquer ailments. Such special people”

A Carter, Tewkesbury

Very Impressive

I come for treatments at the Camomile Rooms as a way of addressing a work/life balance and showing my body some TLC! I have massage and reflexology with Nicky and sometimes think there is more than one person working on me, it’s very impressive.  A thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable experience, and consistently so.  I find it very easy to switch off during my treatments, even with my busy mind.  I’m left with a feeling of balance in my body and a sense of ‘stuck stress’ being addressed and released.”

B. Shackleton, Cheltenham

Exactly What I Was Looking For

“I’ve had holistic therapy for a number of years and found myself in the position of having to find a new therapist.  I came across the Camomile Rooms and realised it was exactly what I was looking for.  I had problems with my sinuses that were affecting my daily wellbeing.  This is now clear and regular therapy with Nicky keep these problems at bay, and it’s also very relaxing. The whole experience is great and has really helped my wellbeing.  Nicky is a really caring person and does everything she can to help.”

S. Coldrick, Gloucester

The Treatment Is Very Effective – It Works!

Whenever I have a treatment any aches and pains I arrived with have disappeared by the end of my treatment and I also feel so relaxed.  Nicky is delightful and makes you feel so relaxed as soon as you walk in and the treatment is very effective – it works!  I also love the general feeling of wellbeing which lasts beyond the actual treatment and makes on return on a regular basis.

Mrs P, Worcestershire

I Feel Like Me Again

I no longer get the pain I used to suffer with, my back and shoulders feel much more comfortable.  I get fewer headaches, I don’t feel constantly stressed and on edge.  I’ve been absolutely delighted with the outcome!  I didn’t think I would feel so much better!  It’s not just a massage – Nicky takes time to listen to me and identify my areas of concern and gives me relaxation exercises to help.  I can’t imagine that there are many places that offer this amount of care and dedication to their clients.  Thank you so much, I feel like me again!”

C Webster, Cheltenham

Emotional and Psychological Benefits

“I didn’t expect the reflexology to have such an impact on my pain within one day. I am able to stand for longer periods of time as my back does not hurt. My energy levels have increased and I have more better days now. I love my experience at the Camomile Rooms – it’s not just the physical benefits but the emotional and psychological benefits I also receive from our conversations during my treatments.”

Mrs U, Bedford

Made To Feel Very Special

I knew it would be relaxing but I have experienced actual relief from discomfort and pain.  Why suffer when help is at hand?  Nicky listens to your needs and has the skill to help alleviate discomfort – she is able to choose just the right treatment.  I wouldn’t change anything – it’s a lovely relaxing environment and you are made to feel very special.

Mrs R, Cheltenham

Promotes Calm & Relaxation

Nicky has a healing aura and the ability to engender calm.  It feels like a safe environment in which to be.  My treatments help with health niggles but fundamentally promote calm and relaxation.  It’s all very lovely and I enjoy my time with Nicky very much.”

Mrs M-P, Cheltenham

As Close As You Can Get To Magic

I’d definitely recommend the Camomile Rooms – I love coming here! It’s not only very professional, but warm, relaxed and friendly too.  I always feel better after coming here – I feel more relaxed, calmer and I always have a spring in my step when I leave.  For someone with CFS/ME that’s a particularly good feeling!  I like that you’re treated holistically, it’s so important as everything is connected.  Nicky is really experienced, caring and interested in my progress.  It’s so nice being treated by someone who understands, can gauge what you need on a specific day and makes you feel so much better.  It’s probably as close as you can get to magic!”

H. Persey, Cheltenham

Effective, Gentle and Dignified

Effective, gentle, dignified and a lovely practitioner. There was also a very honest approach with no pressure for further visits once the problem was resolved – I like that. My back is now great and my normal life has resumed – I’m delighted with the outcome!”

Mrs M, Gloucester

Had A Real Understanding Of My Health Issues

“I was impressed that Nicky spent so long getting to know me and about my health at the initial consultation, and it was reassuring that she already had an understanding of my health issues. Thank you for your help.”

R Hughes, Gloucestershire

Other Places I Have Been To Don’t Compare

“The BEST place for treatments that I have ever come across.  Other treatment centres/spas I have been to don’t compare. Personal and caring goes a long way. It never feels like the therapists are just following steps. It is all individually tailored.”

B Hayes, Gloucester

Fixed With One Treatment!

“You don’t just leave feeling relaxed but also a sense of healing. I hurt my back after my baby was born and I was fixed with one treatment!  All therapists also have empathy, are wonderful listeners and they have a genuine interest in people.”

A Carter, Tewkesbury

An Instant Improvement

I have very sensitive feet and usually hate them being touched, but during my reflexology treatment with Nicky I did not feel the same sensitivity.  My feet and ankles had also been swollen and uncomfortable and I could see an instant improvement! And after just a handful of sessions my feet and ankles are completely better – thank you! I am delighted with the outcome.

E. Young, Worcestershire

An Excellent Practitioner

The Camomile Rooms are a wonderfully relaxing and calm environment and Nicky is an excellent practitioner.  It is a safe space to just be and my body is generally holding less stress.  I also love the five minute ‘life debrief’ at the start of each session – it’s a great way to offload so that one feels the full benefit of the treatment.  I believe prevention is better than cure so looking after oneself in this holistic way is a good thing.”

V. Lyle, Cheltenham

Overwhelmed By How It’s Helped Me

Nicky at the Camomile Rooms was recommended to me by three different people and I thought it might help with my anxiety and grief.  I have felt overwhelmed with how my treatments have helped me emotionally.  It has been a wonderful way for me to release my emotions and deal with my grief and depression following a family bereavement.  Nicky is so understanding and so skilled as a reflexologist.  Thank you for helping me through the most difficult time with such compassion.

Mrs S, Gloucestershire

So Many Benefits

“I feel that its therapeutic rather than just relaxation. There are so many more benefits compared to a traditional spa treatment.”

L Tosh, Bredon

The Team Got Me Physically Well Again

“I have been more than happy and seriously grateful with the support and advice I have received. Both therapists genuinely cared about my recovery and had no hesitation in giving their time and advice. I went to doctors and physiotherapists but it was only when I came here for treatments that I made a significant recovery. I really enjoyed my treatments too! I have been singing your praises – you got me physically well again.”

R  Bassi, Evesham

A Real Investment in Myself

“I can honestly say that I have benefitted so much from Nicky’s reflexology treatments; she always takes the time to ask me about my general wellbeing prior to the treatment, the session is never rushed and her skills are second to none. I always feel relaxed and reinvigorated after a treatment and consider my sessions to be a real investment in myself.”

C Oakey, Cheltenham

The Best Treatment You’ll Ever Have

The relaxed and friendly atmosphere makes me feel completely at ease with discussing health issues and getting help with them. I can confidently say that anyone would have the best treatment they’ve ever had and would be relaxed and restored afterwards.”

Mrs M, Cheltenham

Relief and Relaxation Whilst Undergoing Chemotherapy

“I was fortunate to meet Nicky in unfortunate personal circumstances – I was undergoing chemotherapy and looking for some means of relief and relaxation. After an initial massage, Nicky recommended reflexology which was unbelievably relaxing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her – she is professional, kind and caring.”

P Hines, Cheltenham

An Oasis Awaits You

I love the peace, serenity and professionalism that greets you.  You can’t begin to imagine what an oasis awaits you! It’s addictive! Everything from the booking process to the treatment itself is perfect.  Don’t change a thing!

Mrs D, Gloucester

The Best Therapist I’ve Ever Been To

“I really look forward to my treatments (I’ve had massage, reflexology and Hopi Ear candle treatments) and see them both as a treat and a way of managing my stress levels. Reflexology in particular seems to have a very calming effect on me. Nicky has a lovely kind, caring and thoughtful nature. She instantly makes you feel welcome and cared for. I love the very personal service: Nicky remembers details; the consultation before each treatment is really important as she doesn’t just rush straight into it. I feel very fortunate to have found the Camomile Rooms and Nicky as a therapist!”

Mrs M, Gloucestershire