“I don’t understand how it works – I just know it does!”

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We always love sharing happy endings to stories, especially when they have been a long time coming. Mrs C, one of our wonderful clients, has been kind enough to share hers…

“I had been trying to conceive for a number of years unsuccessfully and had suffered multiple miscarriages.  I also had a bad back and was feeling very stressed.  I was recommended to try reflexology as a way of de-stressing.  I met Nicky at a ladies pamper evening and found that she also helped with reproductive issues.  I booked a treatment.

I then had reflexology with Nicky for a number of years.  I felt relaxed from my first appointment and always slept really well after my treatments.  I still don’t understand how it works – I just know it does!

I suffered another miscarriage, which reflexology helped me deal with.  Nicky also gave me practical advice regarding further medical tests and what to request.  She gave me the confidence to ask for these tests while reassuring me that it was still possible to get pregnant.  It was also nice to have someone to talk to who was happy to talk about pregnancy issues.

I then got pregnant.  I had various pregnancy complications, which reflexology helped me cope with.  Most of all it relaxed me and made me believe I could have a healthy baby.

All the way through my pregnancy, the medical professionals worried me with statistics on my age and the risk of complications but I continued having reflexology and managed to keep calm.  This all resulted in me giving birth to a gorgeous baby boy who was very healthy.

I had a caesarean and suffered from some pelvic/back pain, which was also one of the issues I suffered with while pregnant.  I was also tired like most mothers of a newborn! I had another reflexology treatment when my little boy was about 8 weeks old which eased my back pain and helped me to relax again.

As a result of my difficulty conceiving and complicated pregnancy, I felt very anxious that something would go wrong with my baby.  I tried to explain this to my health visitor who sent me to the doctor and they diagnosed postnatal depression.  I knew I didn’t have this and I found it a bit offensive that they thought I did – I was almost the opposite and was too happy and thought that something would go wrong.  It was my husband who told me to go and have some more reflexology as he knew it always calmed me.  He also said that I was a much nicer person afterwards!  I am so glad I did as Nicky’s treatment made me less anxious.  She also suggested getting a baby monitor to reassure me at night and recommended hypnotherapy.

On Nicky’s recommendation I saw Rachel for a hypnotherapy session which helped enormously with my anxiety.  As a result of my reflexology and hypnotherapy treatments (and buying a baby monitor!), my anxiety eased and I could sleep at night and enjoy being a new mum!”

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