Three Easy Ways to Combat Festive Anxiety

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For many, Christmas is a time for family fun, celebrating the festive season with colleagues and friends, overindulging and letting your hair down, but for others it is a deeply stressful time of year, full of anxiety.

Festive Dread

Does the party season fill you with dread? Do you see your usually calm and collected family members and friends turn into nervous wrecks? Is this time of year simply a painful reminder of a loved one who is no longer there to celebrate with you? All these issues can be addressed if you positively harness the most powerful part of your body – your MIND!

Anxiety Inducing Situations

Our very lovely and experienced hypnotherapist Genevieve knows all too well how anxious we can become when we are placed in social situations we are not comfortable in. From the embarrassment of forced small talk at the Christmas party to facing family gatherings for the first time in years without a trusted partner by your side or with the absence of a beloved family member, the festive season can leave some of us suffering from excruciating self-doubt.

Too Many To-Do’s

For others the sheer worry of the seemingly endless list of ‘to-do’s’ at this time of year can be mentally crippling. From gift shopping, ensuring the house looks spick and span for guests, planning and preparing the festive menu for the many family meals and of course making sure you look your very glamorous best when you go out and face the world can be very stress inducing.

Stay Positive, Ask For Help!

The key to dealing with all these issues is remaining positive, maintaining your energy levels and finding coping mechanisms to keep as calm as possible at all times.

Throughout November Genevieve is offering an initial session and a follow up treatment at a special discounted price. Her treatments can provide a rapid resolution to these typical festive worries as well as solutions to help motivate you and maintain your mental wellbeing for the up and coming year:

Three Easy Ways to Combat Anxiety

60 minute session normally £65.00 – 2 sessions in November at £50 each

If you can already feel your stress levels rising as Christmas looms large then Genevieve can guide you to a more peaceful place. Did you know that 30 minutes of deep relaxation through hypnosis is equivalent to up to 2 or 3 hours of quality relaxation time that can help boost your immune system and general overall wellbeing during periods of stress? Hypnosis is a powerful therapy that allows your subconscious mind to overcome negative patterns, thoughts and behaviours and works to introduce positive changes within your life. It is a comfortable and safe therapy, where you are always in control. It induces you into a state of total relaxation whilst taking on board positive suggestions. Hypnotherapy is a fantastic aid to help with anxiety, relaxation, self-confidence and motivation.

60 minute session normally £65.00 – 2 sessions in November at £50 each

BWRT embraces the latest thinking on psychological health, it’s not hypnosis but is a completely logical and practical way to address your fears, whether they are social phobias or other anxiety linked issues such as panic attacks. The key is telling Genevieve how you feel now and how you would like to feel instead. She will then work with you immediately to stop the troubling response in your brain to a certain situation.

50 minute session normally £40.00 – 2 sessions in November at £30 each
(A gift voucher for mind massage can also be purchased at this special price until Friday 22nd December)

Transport yourself to a more tranquil world. Mind massage is a shorter, more general hypnotherapy treatment designed to bring about release from a stressful situation. With a session of mind massage Genevieve will help you take some time out from your busy life to relax and unwind.

What Do I Do Next?

So take that next step, trust in the fact you can make a positive change yourself and address whatever is troubling you during this busy time of year. Christmas should be a time of fun and celebration, to take time to enjoy the company of family and friends and to embrace life to the full.

If this sounds like something you know you or a loved one would benefit from, just drop us an email at with any questions or if you would like a chat with Genevieve and to find out more information please call on 01242 227752 and we will be happy to help.



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