Next Energise & Nourish Programme – Booking Open Now!

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Due to the resounding success of our new Energise & Nourish programme with our amazing nutritional therapist, Kate, a new 6 week Nutrition and Coaching course will be starting on Thursday 21st September 2017.

A New YouOne To One Health Coaching Sessions

Kate will work with you every week to help you feel like a new you! You will receive a weekly easy-to-follow plan full of healthy recipes and ideas, as well as the benefit of six weekly one-to-one health coaching sessions to support you every step of the way.

“The course structure of seeing Kate each week and content worked well for me and the follow up content was really good. I now always start the day with hot lemon juice and water and oats. I have found that my energy levels have improved as a result. The main lesson for me is the way in which you can eat in a more healthy fashion even with a busy schedule”  David, Bristol

Re-Energise Your Diet And Lifestyle

Not only will this six week programme help you to lose weight but you’ll also find out how you can feel the best version of you!

Just some of the benefits include:

  • Increased energy
  • Tips for sustainable weight loss
  • Feeling and looking fantastic
  • A more nourished and toned body
  • Discover more achievable ways to get moving
  • Receive lots of Kate’s own delicious recipes
  • Uncover ways to combat emotional eating
  • A personalised healthy routine that fits with your schedule

“The six week programme with Kate has been incredible. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but it has far exceeded my expectations. I now have lots of really delicious and simple recipes which I love cooking on a regular basis. I am much more mindful about what I am eating and how I can use food, exercise, and self-care to be more productive and energetic – not just at work but outside of work too!” Kay, Bristol. 

What To Expect
  • Weekly 1:1 sessions – 30 minutes every week for six weeks
  • Health Coaching to help you achieve your goals and overcome barriers to change
  • A weekly plan to guide you through each step
  • Understanding how to make cooking healthy, easy and enjoyable
  • Developing positive habits to prioritise your health
  • Dedicated focus and support
  • A chance to refresh and renew your energy under the guidance of an experienced Nutritional Therapist
  • Email and phone support

“I just wanted to say what an amazing six week nutrition course it was … Kate has a really great holistic approach and we actually worked on topics and issues that were much broader than just nutrition. I think this made the course and our meetings invaluable and so worthwhile, compared to what I see as a more ‘standard’ or ‘by the book’ nutritional therapist. Kate tailored our sessions to suit my needs and went much further than just food. She is great with people as well as being so knowledgeable about her subject. And it helps that she is such a lovely person! Approachable, realistic and understanding.”  Sarah, Bristol. 

How To Book

The six week programme will cost £175.00 and will take place on the following dates:

Week 1:  Thursday 21st September 2017
Week 2:  Thursday 28th September 2017
Week 3:  Thursday 5th October 2017
Week 4:  Thursday 12th October 2017
Week 5:  Thursday 19th October 2017
Week 6:  Thursday 26th October 2017

Available time slots for sessions are currently from 12pm to 8pm – grab your preferred time now and start your journey to a healthier you!

Places are limited so to reserve your spot simply drop us an email or call us on 01242 227752 and we’ll organise everything for you.

“I’ve just finished the six week nutrition course at The Chamomile Rooms in Cheltenham.  I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed every session with Kate; she is warm, welcoming and has provided me with lots of great common sense advice on healthy eating along with lots of recipes to support her nutrition advice. I’ve tried a fair few of the recipes and they are delicious. She also provides general wellbeing advice on hydration, techniques for clearing your mind and your wardrobe!   I am definitely on the road to clearing out unnecessary junk, in more ways than one!   The short weekly focussed sessions have fitted into my busy lifestyle and Kate has adapted her advice to suit my individual needs.  I have taken lots away from the course; I feel great, energised and armed with the knowledge to maintain this feeling.  I highly recommend  Kate’s nutrition course to you”.  Claire, Cheltenham

Don’t miss out – book your place today by emailing us or calling us on 01242 227752.
A Personal Message From Kate

As a Nutritional Therapist I will support and motivate you to gain the tools to make dietary and lifestyle changes, encouraging you as you journey towards better health and feeling your best you.  The process of spending time improving the way you feel is a wonderful experience that I have the privilege of sharing with you. Each step is positive action in the right direction.

By working together, we can help you to nourish and fuel your body, feel revitalised, think positively and increase your energy.
Delicious and healthy food can be easy!

I look forward to meeting you,

Kate x

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