The Results of Osteopathy Were Amazing!

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Some of our clients are occasionally unsure if osteopathy will help them or are a little confused about how it works (that is, until they’ve actually tried it!) so one of our lovely clients, Mr O, shares his osteopathy journey…

“I had a problem with my knee and was experiencing pain and difficulty walking.  And this was in my ‘good knee’ as I’d already had a successful knee replacement in my other knee! Fortunately, Katie was highly recommended by a friend who also told me that osteopaths are actually classed as medical professionals so I thought I’d try it before going to my GP for stronger painkillers.

Katie was very welcoming, showed real interest in my problem and immediately put me at ease.  After listening to me explain what had been happening, she explained what she was going to do and did a lot of moving my leg into different positions to ascertain what was wrong.  It felt like quite a firm manipulation of the area but she continually checked in with me to make sure I was happy with everything she was doing.  Katie immediately identified the issue and explained in detail the cause, and what steps could be taken to rectify it.  She worked what I can only describe as magic on my knee and the result was amazing!

As well as the actual treatment, Katie also prescribed me exercises and demonstrated how to do them before getting me to practice doing them so she could ensure I was doing them correctly.  It was all reassuringly thorough.  Her knowledge and expertise gave me great confidence in her diagnosis and the way she carried out her treatment was wonderful, always checking with me to make sure I was happy.

Katie’s approach was consummately professional yet friendly and she explained everything step by step.  I felt very relaxed and comfortable, which hadn’t happened with other therapists I’d had treatments from in the past.

The fact that she precisely identified what was wrong, treated it successfully and gave me an exercise regime for the future meant I was thrilled that it was ‘job done’!

My knee is now great and I’ve since consulted Katie on other issues too, and all with great results!  I also had problems with my foot so I went to see her for help with plantar fasciitis and the treatment and homecare advice she gave me were very effective and helped enormously.  She told me it would take a few weeks to get better but because of her treatment and advice, I only needed to see her once!

There is none of this “I need to see you weekly” approach,  as she genuinely wants the quickest and most effective results without the need to see her all the time.  Which I believe is a rarity and incredibly refreshing. 

I now only need to see her 3-4 times per year as we know what works and what I need to do to keep myself mobile.

My wife, who has never had any type of treatment before, had a bad back so I persuaded her to see Katie for an osteopathy treatment.  Katie completely solved the problem in two treatments and turned my wife from a sceptic into a convert!

Katie is extremely well qualified and draws on this experience in giving you a very personalised, accurate and effective diagnosis and treatment.

If anyone was thinking of having osteopathic treatment with Katie, I’d definitely say go for it!  She’s the very best and you won’t be disappointed.

If you feel that osteopathy might be of benefit to you, Katie is always happy to have an informal telephone conversation to chat through any initial questions you may have so just give us a call on 01242 227752.

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