Therapeutic Bodywork for Survivors of Trauma and Abuse

Often, the impact of a traumatic event continues to echo in your life for years after the traumatic event occurred. Some people find psychotherapy the best treatment for trauma, and verbal therapies can be crucial. However there is another aspect to recovery and it is bodywork and massage.

Our bodies hold the scars of trauma and through massage you can be supported in your recovery.

It is more accepted now that as your body was integral to your trauma, it is also integral to your healing process. Some people find that after years of verbal therapy, there comes a time when they want to reclaim their body and Magdalena is specially trained and experienced in working with you as you do this.

How Can This Help?

Magdalena will work with you to explore ways in which you can be supported to reconnect with your body in a nurturing and empowering way. By using the body as a resource you are encouraged to move beyond the impact of a traumatic event and reclaim your body in a positive way.

Each session will proceed at your own pace and your comfort is always of paramount importance.

Treatment Price:

  • 60 minutes: £55