Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Efficient lymphatic circulation helps boost your immunity and keep your body healthy. This gentle aromatherapy massage focuses on improving lymphatic flow and encouraging your body to eliminate toxins.

Lymph flows directly under the surface of the skin, so a lymphatic drainage massage involves a very gentle pressure, concentrating on encouraging the flow of lymph towards the nearest lymph nodes, so your body can expel toxins naturally through the elimination channels.

If your lymphatic system becomes sluggish or blocked, the lymph fluid can build up and start to stagnate. This makes us feel sluggish, more susceptible to viruses and generally a bit below par.

This is where lymphatic drainage is so helpful. It helps stimulate the lymphatic system and flow of the lymph fluid, making it work more efficiently, helping to clear any blockages, eliminate any toxins and giving you an often much-needed boost.

Nicky will create a personalised blend of aromatherapy oils based on your needs and concerns, and to maximise the effectiveness of your treatment.

How will I benefit?

Lymphatic drainage will be especially helpful if you need help with:

  • Mild fluid retention and cellulite
  • Colds and sinus problems
  • Poor skin conditions
  • Low immunity
  • Fatigue
  • Lymphoedema
  • Recovery from illness and surgery

It may also improve energy, digestive processes and appetite.

A course of treatments over a few weeks or months can be beneficial for more chronic, long-term problems or as part of a detox programme, while as little as one treatment may help more mild concerns, such as fluid retention due to long periods of standing.

Treatment prices

  • 60 minutes: £45
  • 90 minutes: £60
  • Course of four 60-minute treatments: £160 (saving £20)