Hopi ear candles

Hopi ear candles are a gentle, non-invasive treatment that eases pressure and congestion in the ears, head and upper respiratory tract.

Hopi ear candles are made of strips of cotton which are soaked in beeswax, honey and herbs. The heat from the candle and sound frequency vibration of the flame act together as gentle inner ear massage and help to loosen and soften any congestion in the upper respiratory tract. This is then able to be eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system. It is incredibly gentle and suitable for all ages.

The treatment may be beneficial for anyone who suffers from excessive ear wax, catarrh, sinus congestion, tinnitus or hayfever, or it can simply be used to help you relax.

Each treatment includes a lymphatic drainage facial massage and scalp massage.

Treatment prices

  • 45 minutes: £30
  • Course of three 45-minute treatments: £75 (saving £15)